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Get on-demand access to your own team of Operational Experts, Chief Operation Officers and project managers without the hassle of managing full-time employees or recruitment

Hire Your Whole Operational Team With a Few Clicks

Frustrated About Unreliable Freelancers, Want to lower overhead and keep operations running


Expertise on Demand, gain access to a pool of seasoned professionals who bring specialized knowledge to the table. Whether it's C-Level experts, project management, financial project planning or process optimization, our experts seamlessly integrate into your team.


Operations As A Service (OaaS)

Add a new team member to your business or projects whenever you need them. We make sure the additional team members will be briefed on your projects, internal teams and work preferences upfront.


Scalable Workforce

Forget salary negotiations, paid holidays and pension contributions. Skip the setup and recruiting fees. You pay a fixed monthly rate for every additional talent without any long or short-term commitment.


Predictable Pricing

Your projects and your needs for specific skills need to remain agile, With Lapin we make sure your needs are catered for immediately 


Flexible Skill-Matching

We want to make Operations within your projects and businesses feel as natural as possible. That's why we manage all your tasks and projects within industry standardised, AI integrated, software and don't let you learn a new platform.


No Learning Curve

Our objective is to maintain seamless operations while you direct your attention to growing the business.


Insights into our Portfolio



Projects and products managed 


Generated profits & sales for our Portfolio


Team members managed by Lapin


Avg savings per month for our Portfolio projects and products


Saved in recruitment costs


Growth passed over to our portfolio

You're probably


  • Is there a long contract tie in?
    No, there is no contract tie in with using Lapin's services. if you need us short or long term that fine with us.
  • Can I increase or Decrease my team?
    Yes, if you need more operational support or less operational support its a simple conversation away from perfectly fitting your needs.
  • Do you offer Face to face meetings?
    We do! We offer worldwide face to face meetings with our clients.
  • Do you work with businesses in Asia?
    Absolutely. Our reach is worldwide.
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